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At our core, we work with small businesses looking for help or guidance with e-commerce. From online marketing, to web design, search, social and analytics, we take a holistic approach to e-commerce. We have the experience and success stories from owning and operating two e-commerce companies, selling a third and helping countless others navigate the online world of retail. We invite you to contact us with any questions or projects you might have and let’s see how we can help.

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What our clients say

Before working with Brad and Growth Metrics I had no idea how to utilize my e-commerce platform. Thanks to Brad, I have created a more user friendly website which in turn has increased my sales and helped with client retention.

Luke Shook / CEO / UBX

Having Growth Metrics as a strategic partner from the beginning has helped us grow from a small e-commerce shop in a garage to a major player in the industry. We let them focus on the traffic and analytics which allows me focus on growing the business.

Jim Farrell / CEO / YourPoolHQ

I had the pleasure of working with Growth Metrics for the past year on several projects. Their depth of knowledge in the e-commerce area is immense. The attention to detail, dedication to the project and level of effort they put into projects are second to none.

Russell Albin / CEO / Russle Albin Inc.

Working with Growth Metrics was an enjoyable experience. They are constantly following the numbers to improve customer experience and improve business efficiencies. Growth Metrics is also a 100% availability kind of company, which makes it easy to get things done.

Ryan Miller / CEO / Engine 23

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